Top Ten Engagement Projects of 2019

As 2019 draws to an end, we have been reflecting on another busy year and would like to share our top ten Community Engagement projects with you.  We are very grateful to have worked with so many wonderful staff, patients and family members. These aren’t ranked in any order – it’s too hard to choose favorites!

  1. Enhanced Recovery After Surgery – Over the past 3 years the CE Team has supported different engagement processes for this project. Supporting the creation of a patient survey, reviewing an info poster and patient health education materials made this engagement project multi-faceted and thorough! No matter the process, we commend the ERAS team’s efforts and intention to support patient and family centred care which leads to better patient outcomes.

  2. Pearson Dogwood Redevelopment – The CE Team has been working on this project for 9 years and it is really satisfying to see the project progress. This past year we continued engaging the residents and families, as well as staff and therapy pool users. It is always a pleasure to work with the Pearson Dogwood Redevelopment team! They are very dedicated to ensuring the voice of residents and families are included in the project resulting in better decisions.

  3. Advance Care Planning Cultural Adaptation – This project is a great example of how engagement with patients and families led to a grass roots solution to support public information and education. The CEAN ACP Public Workshop Program began in 2011 and has been modeled by the BC Centre for Palliative Care to support similar volunteer led ACP workshops for the public. They have now started a project to adapt ACP public education for Chinese and Punjabi communities. Our CEAN ACP facilitators in Richmond regularly deliver workshops in Chinese and have joined the working group to share their experiences. We also have another facilitator on the Punjabi working group. We are excited to see how this collaboration can support ACP education to other communities!

  4. Opioid Agonist Therapy Project – This Ministry of Health driven engagement process sought to understand the experience of users of private and public Opioid Agonist Therapy (OAT) clinics in order to get their input for future policy initiatives. Community Engagement facilitated the engagement of users of private and public Opioid Agonist Therapy (OAT) clinics. The engagement process involved sessions held in Vancouver, Surrey, Kamloops, Victoria and Campbell River and helped to shed light on how OAT services could be more effective and supportive for clients.

  5. Powell River Primary Care Redesign – In February of this year, we were able to visit the beautiful community of Powell River. We collaborated with the Divisions of Family Practice in Powell River to support the creation of an advisory committee for the development of their Primary Care Network. We visited with some Powell River CEANs and met many more members of the community who are interested in supporting healthcare improvement. It truly is the pearl of the Sunshine Coast!

  6. Legacy for Airway Health Stakeholder Advisory Committee – On this amazing project we have been supporting the VCH Research Institute’s Legacy for Airway Health team in the establishment of a Stakeholder Advisory Committee. The goal of the committee is to support the acceleration of research and improved policy changes, behaviour and practices for the prevention and care of asthma and COPD. Their dedication to person centred care and patient-oriented research is truly inspiring and we are sure it will lead to great work for this project!

  7. Primary Care Networks (PCN) North Shore Community Forums – In preparation for the implementation of Primary Care Networks on the North Shore, the CE team has been supporting engagement with community members to better understand the primary care needs of the North Shore communities, to help shape the PCN on the North Shore.
    This project included an afternoon trip to beautiful Bowen Island where we were able to gather stories and experiences about healthcare in the island community.

  8. Patient and Caregiver Stories for Change – This past summer, the CE team were fortunate to have the support of a practicum student, Natalie Buglioni, from SFU’s Masters in Public Health Program. Natalie spent the summer engaging staff and CEANs to build a storytelling tool. The tool is a way to help people to tell their stories and share their experience of care. Stories are a powerful way to support quality improvement in healthcare, and the toolkit supports staff and leadership to learn from them.  We are excited to continue receiving stories, posting them to the Storytelling page and supporting the knowledge and change that can come from them!

  9. Patient Experience Strategy – This year, the CE Team has had the opportunity to work on an initiative that is of importance to all in healthcare: Patient Experience! We have partnered with the team from Quality and Patient Safety as well as members of CEAN to support the strategic priority of Exceptional Care. Engagement with patients and families is integral to improving Patient Experience. This project will be an important part of our work in the year to come.

  10. CEAN Forum on Patient Experience – Planning this year’s CEAN forum was exciting from start to finish! Not only did we get to work with the Quality and Patient Safety team on one of our favorite topics: Patient Experience, we celebrated CEANs 10 year anniversary! CEAN members provided important and valuable feedback on what quality dimensions would most impact patient experience. They also informed on what we should be observing and what we could measure if the quality dimension was done right. The input we received at this forum will continue to inform the Patient Experience Strategy and we are looking forward to having CEANs involved in this work for the next ten years and beyond!

We are excited to work on more amazing projects to engage patients and families on in 2020! If you’d like to know more about any of these projects please get in touch with



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