Thanks for the memories…..

posted by CEAN Coordinator, Saori Yamamoto

In honor of CEAN’s 10th Anniversary next month, we are inviting CEANs to share their favorite memories with us. We hope to share these memories of collaboration and growth through our newsletter, on our website and also internally through VCH News.

I have been with the Community Engagement Team for 9 years now. There are so many significant memories I have as the coordinator of a truly amazing network of people. One of my favorite memories of the last several years has definitely been the honor of accepting two awards that CEAN has won from the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2) for Creativity and Innovation (for CEAN, the network and practice) as well as Public Participation for the Greater Good (the CEAN Advance Care Planning Facilitation Team). Even better, I got to accept these awards alongside CEANer Barbara Greenlaw! I was so proud to be able to celebrate CEAN along with colleagues from all over Canada and the U.S.


Accepting IAP2 awards in Montreal (top) in 2016 and Winnipeg (bottom) in 2014

Thank you all for making me so proud of what I do!

Do you have a memory to share? Please e-mail it to with the subject: Memories

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