Storytelling in Healthcare

Organizations around the world are starting to use storytelling to connect with varying audiences. In healthcare settings, patient and caregiver stories can be used for education, quality improvement, inspiration and more.  Stories can help staff to understand what it’s like to be a patient.  This builds empathy, which can lead to improved experiences for future patients.

Storytelling is a way for organizations to listen to patient and caregiver voices.  Stories about experiences receiving health care can be used when staff and board members make decisions about health services.

To learn more about patient and caregiver storytelling, and to see some other health organizations that are already collecting stories, check out the links below:

Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement. Using Patient Stories for Learning and Improvement.

1000 Lives Plus (Wales).  Volume 6 Tools for Improvement: Learning to use Patient Stories. 

Care Opinion (UK).

NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation (Australia).  Collect Patient and Carer Stories.