CEAN Orientation

Hey CEANs! Thanks for participating! On this page you will find some helpful materials to support you in your role as an advisor with VCH. If you don’t find what you are looking for here, or require support as you are participating, please get in touch with the CEAN Coordinator at ce@nullvch.ca. Happy CEANing!

Face to face orientation sessions are scheduled every few months. They are an opportunity for you to learn more about VCH and your role as an advisor, and to meet some other new CEANers! Check out our Events page or get in touch with us at ce@nullvch.ca to find out when the next orientation session is.

CEAN Orientation Info

CEAN Member Handbook FINAL dated Oct 2019

CEAN Terms of Reference

Confidentiality & Respectful Behaviour Policies

Guidelines for Conduct 

Telling Your Story

Being CEAN Tips on being an effective advisor

IAP2 Spectrum of Engagement Tip Sheet

Jargon 101

Types of Opportunities

Community Engagement Background Documents & Resources

VCH Strategy

CEAN Member Activity Log

CEAN & Committee Self Reflection Tools

CE Advisor’s Checklist