Seniors – CE Reports

Below is a list of patient and public engagement process reports associated with senior’s health.

Keeping Seniors Well Community Forum Richmond – March 2018

This forum was an opportunity to provide an update on services supporting seniors in Richmond and gather feedback to support continued planning for seniors and their families in Richmond.

Keeping Seniors Well Community Forums

VCH Community Engagement held a series of forums from July of 2015 to February of 2016 – in Vancouver, Richmond and North/West Vancouver, to have conversations with seniors, their families and agencies in the community that provides care and support to them. These reports summarize the sessions and the feedback gathered, which is helping to inform a new model of care for seniors.

Goals of Care Storyboard Presentation – Feb 2013

This storyboard presentation displays a project to develop a regional approach for the establishment of goals of care within residential care. This poster was part of the 2013 Quality Forum.

Goals of Care – Family & Resident Perspective on Care Planning in Residential Care – April 2012

This report summarizes the findings from consultations with resident and family members about their experience of and satisfaction with the current process of establishing goals of care in residential facilities.