Community/Home/Residential Care – CE Reports

Below is a list of reports from patient and public engagement processes that are associated with Community Care (including home nursing, community clinics, residential facilities).

Pearson Pool Engagement Summary.Oct2019.FINAL

In October of 2019, to continue to inform the design, planning and programming for the new purpose built therapy pool on the Pearson Dogwood site, VCH Community Engagement supported 3 information discussion sessions with 60 pool users. A feedback Q&A Document was created to answer a few of the questions raised at this session and you can click Pearson Therapy Pool Answers Jan2020 to view.

Pearson Residents and Families Engagement Summary.Oct2018.FINAL

In late September of 2018, the CE Team facilitated 2 sessions with Pearson residents, family members and staff to provide an update on the redevelopment project phases and also to engage in discussion on preliminary design/accessibility design elements.

Pearson Pool Engagement Summary.Sept2018.FINAL

A new purpose built therapy pool will be built on the renewed Pearson Dogwood site. To inform the design planning, VCH Community Engagement supported 3 information discussion sessions with users of the pool.

Pearson resident engagement final report 

Pearson resident engagement final report – large font version

Pearson resident engagement interim report – large font version

George Pearson Centre is a residential care facility for adults with disabilities who have complex care needs. As the George Pearson lands are scheduled for redevelopment this engagement process reached out to residents and family members to capture their views on the housing and care plans that will be provided for Pearson residents in this new development.  The interim report captures feedback from the first round of engagement which took place in February 2017.

DTES Second Generation Strategy Design Paper Client Engagement – Apr 2015

This process gathered feedback from stakeholders on the DTES Second Generation Strategy Design paper on how the changes described in the design paper were on track.

Vancouver Urban Primary Care Redesign – Sept 2014

This patient/public engagement process involved community meetings to gather feedback on VCH’s Primary Care Redesign. The summary report includes a “Frequently Asked Questions” section with responses to some of the commonly asked questions from the sessions.

Stroke Redesign – Coastal CE Summary Report – Oct 2014

This report summarizes the patient and public engagement process around the redesign of stroke services in the Coastal community of care.

Client & Family Member Experience of Home Health Care – Dec 2013

This report summarizes feedback from an engagement process to capture the client’s experience of VCH home health services.

Mental Health Tertiary Review Summary – June 2012

This report summarizes the resident and family feedback received for four of VCH’s mental health units.

Goals of Care – Family & Resident Perspective on Care Planning in Residential care – April 2012

This report summarizes the findings from consultations with resident and family members about their experience of and satisfaction with the current process of establishing goals of care in residential facilities.